Saturday, November 22, 2008

My New Blog Location

Well, I finally did it. My old buddy Chad has been on me about moving my blog to a different platform. I was reluctant, because I feel like I've built up a pretty good body of content on my old blog, and I didn't want to risk losing regular readers or anyone who found me while looking for solutions to their technical problems on Google. But some time ago, I turned off comments due to an endless stream of spam appearing on ancient posts. I'm tired of not having comments. I want comments. And I want a whole lot of other features that Windows Live Spaces does not provide, even after all these years. So here I am on Blogger. I plan to keep the content the same -- book and article reviews and suggestions, discussion of the software development tools that I use, sample code in Java, .NET, Ruby, and anything else that I find interesting. So I'm glad you found this and hope you'll stick with me while I get this blog going. Of course, you can always find my previous work here.

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