Sunday, January 11, 2009

Library Thing

Last fall I wrote about using an Amazon Widget to track my library of technical books. Well, I just got turned on to Library Thing, which seems to be a FAR better approach to recording and sharing my interest in books. I won't go through all of Library Thing's features here, but in a nutshell it provides a means to "socially catalog" your books, in the same sense that provides for bookmarking. My first pass at entering my library is here. Perhaps the best part is that after I entered these books, I was able to get book recommendations based on the catalogs of others with similar interests, and I can attest that they are amazingly good. In fact, of the top seven recommendations that it gave me, two were books that I already owned but had forgotten to enter. Finally, with the Library Thing blog widget, you can now see random books from my library in the sidebar of my blog.

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