Friday, December 21, 2012

Where to Find cybervillainsCA.cer in Selenium

In the WebTestingExplorer documentation, we instruction users to create a Firefox profile (just for testing!!!) that trusts the cybervillainsCA.cer certificate normally bundled with Selenium distributions. The main reason we do this is to make it possible to inspect HTTPS traffic in a proxy and check for bugs in real-time as we explore the web application.

I've had several questions about how, exactly, to find cybervillainsCA.cer. The search results on this topic are unimpressive enough that I decided to write this quick blog post, hopefully attract some search engine love, and clear this up for everybody. So here you go:

1. Download selenium-server-standalone-x.xx.x.jar (as of this writing, at version 2.28.0).
2. Execute the following commands from a terminal from wherever you saved it:
  1. mkdir selenium
  2. cp selenium-server-standalone-*.jar selenium
  3. cd selenium
  4. jar xvf selenium-server-standalone-*.jar
  5. ls sslSupport/cybervillains.cer
After step 4, you may get an error from jar. Ignore it. After step 5, you have verified that the file is there, and you can do whatever you need to with it. Enjoy!

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